Behind April

by Guilhöm

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All songs written and composed by Guilhöm (Guilhaume Capmal),
Artwork: Guilhöm.

>Songs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10 recorded by Matteo Mannoni - Infernale Machine in Saint Felix de Bayssan Church [Fr].
>Songs 7, 8, 9 & 11 recorded by David Darmon at Mirador Studio, Corconne [Fr].

>Mix: David Darmon (Mirador Studio). Mastering: François Fanelli, Sonics Mastering Marseille [Fr].


released March 1, 2016

> Guilhöm: vocals, nylon string & electric guitars, bass guitar, clarinet, duduk, balafon.
> Gaëlle Costil: cello
> Lucie Folch: vocals
> Valentin Sanchez: drums
> Sam Burguière: flugelhorn
> David Darmon: bass guitar, keyboards, ebow.


all rights reserved



Guilhöm Montpellier, France

GUILHÖM is a singer, guitarist, songwriter from Montpellier in the south of France. With his drummer, he proposes Folk songs fed by numerous influences (blues, rock, oriental or still African). It’s a whole musical and introspective journey which is proposed, enriched by recorded live loops and other instruments (acoustic and electric guitar, clarinet, duduk, Cello, trumpet, foot percussions…). ... more

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Track Name: Seasons
Seasons will change and so do we.
I don't think i will never forget,
it took me long time to get over.
i was sadly upset.

Time has changed the way I see,
I'm at peace with myself. I guess
That nobody can tell me
The interest of bitterness?

Seasons will change and so do we.
After all our days are few
and i will grow up as a tree.
You know i had to go through.
Track Name: Going Down
I'm going down, as the sun goes down.
Down in the hold, as shadows unfold
And I know there's a wall between me and your skin.
There's a tear. But I keep on fighting.
Standing right here in front of the abyss
of all the things that I did amiss.

Why do I fall? I'm lacking air
Sinking right down to the bottom.
I could come even closer
but i know it's now or never.

I'm fighting to resist to the pressure
wich is compressing my lungs
Everything is going to desapear,
All is over, I will expire,

I look up there's a light through the water.
I can't stand it any longer.
I must go back up to the surface
to the blazing days of summer.
Track Name: Boy
You came into the world
with a gun in your hand.
You came into the world
without any horizon.

what's in your dreams, boy?
what's in your dreams?
You could be my son, boy,
You could be my son.

You fight for no reason,
Sacrified in the name of what ?
Because misery pushed you
In the arms of this war

What's in your dreams, boy?
What's in your dreams?
You could be my son boy,
You could be my son.
Track Name: Life on a String
Finally june came
With the sun on my face
And i wonder : is it a world for dreamers ?
Life on a string.

Even if we are flying
Like dragonflies on the wind.
Life on a string.

Oh that's a fact, nothing gonna change my world.
One day or the other, we all need to change the world.
Life on a string.

Even if we are flying
like dragonflies on the wind.
Life on a string.
Track Name: Backfired
I know a place where all my plans are backfired.
A place where I go when my soul is sad and tired.
This place is your arms where i like to nestle.
That's where i can sink, that's where i can fell living.

When the lights go out like at the end of the show,
As I'm a stranger to myself in every place I go,
As the sun set, when I'm closed to surrender,
That's where i can sink, that's where i can fell living.
Track Name: Hanging Around
Hanging around, hanging around...
With the ghost of boredom hanging around.
Waiting for the morning light hanging around.
Waiting for Nothing.

Will you come? when will you come?
In your lightning dress, oh will you come?
Cause we've crossed so many empty avenues
Searching for something.

And the moon was our only witness,
As we only could trust on darkness.
We've realized the brittleness of our Being.
Living for Nothing?
Track Name: Weapons
We don't choose our weapons; we don't choose where we are born.

Au long des ghâts filent les eaux de Ganga.
Plus tu regardes et moins tu y vois.
Il y a ce murmure étrange qui perce le silence,
Qui te dit "il est temps, il est temps maintenant !"

Tout se mélange, l'espace et le temps
Tout s'harmonise au dehors au dedans
Quand le brouillard se dissipe au soleil levant
Tout est identique et tout est différent.

Puisque c'est comme la mer,
Puisque tout ce qui avance retourne en arrière.
Puisque c'est comme la mer,
Puisqu'il y a autant de paradis, qu'il y a d'enfers.

Au long des ghâts filent les eaux de Ganga
Et dans les flots se confondent Alpha, Omega
Il y a ce murmure étrange qui perce le silence
Qui te dit "il est temps, il est temps maintenant !"
Track Name: C'est l'Eau
C'est l'eau, c'est l'air, c'est le feu et la terre.
C'est un enfant qui s'endort en rêvant d'ailleurs.
La brise sur ta joue
et l'odeur de ton cou.

C'est la sueur sur ton front,
tes efforts dans l'action,
ta volonté et tes doutes,
chacun de tes pas sur la route
qui font de toi un humain
qui forge son destin.

C'est une danse qui se perd
Dans les âges et le mystère,
Des mains tendues vers le ciel
ou le front contre le sol.
La sagesse des Alévis,
L'harmonie des Bishnoï.

C'est ta voix qui s'élève pour dire qu'elle n'est pas d'accord,
Qui rencontrera des échos pour porter plus loin et plus fort
Cette idée qui longtemps encore
Te survivra après ta mort.

C'est le voyage et l'errance du crépuscule à l'aurore,
L'espoir d'une délivrance quand ils regardent vers le nord.
Qu'ils fuient vers l'Egypte ou Lampeduza
De Cayenne, Pyongyang, ou d'Angola.
Track Name: Domingo
Being “happy” has become an unreachable goal, especially around the holidays. When you wish someone a happy holiday, you don’t know how much pressure you might be putting on them. The concept of constant happiness around the holidays forces people to repress too many other authentic feelings.

Extract from: Eric G. Wilson. "Against Happiness: In Praise of Melancholy" 2008
Track Name: 1997
This old tiny house in the forest
is always closed now,
trapped in the dark side of my mind,
forgotten by everyone but me.

When i come here
I can still hear the sound of your breath,
i can smell your skin
and feel your soul dancing here.

Even in one second the all world went down,
everything end. Oh time goes on!
I can still hear the sound of your voice.

When i turn the key and open the door,
i'm back in 1997
and we're still living here together.

So many nights surrounded by
The eternal pattern of the stars.
This home was everything we hoped for
and so much more.

I remember everything:
The time spent in the nature nearby.
I remember the red sun falling
in the evening summer sky.

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